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Founder and CEO April J started WPB in 2009 as an online magazine called Women Photo Book, but then decided in 2010 to expand into radio by creating an online broadcasting radio station called WPB Radio. From there she developed and produced shows, such as Women Talk Radio and a host others.

April J decided that she wanted to further expand the WPB brand into television, which then birthed WPB Networks & WPBTV, which included radio, television, and online content. Then in 2015, WPB Networks discontinued radio, and expanded further into television and media content and it is now known as WPB Media Networks, which doesn't only focus online, but also local, national and international television networks. 

Our Team
April J
Founder & CEO

April J is the founder and CEO of WPB Media Networks and also the host of Women Talk Live.
David "Mr 100" Thompson
General Manager

Mr 100 handling all of the day-to-day business for WPB and sales. David also owns a consulting company called MenTourLLC.
Ronda Cox
Event Coordinator / Producer

Ronda is in charge of WPB talent and coordinates all of WPB events. Ronda also runs her own event management company called RSVP Event Management.
Hyper Magic

Hyper is a photographer and videographer from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where he has his own studio called HM Studios.
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